One of the few

I have very few good friends. I think a nice, tight group of “a few” good friends is a good thing. I realize that sounds super strange because I’m not a very social person. I’m pretty happy hanging out in my house, but I won’t turn down the opportunity to hang out with others. I just won’t initiate it.

That being said, there is one of the few that I would love to honor today. Don’t know why today and I don’t know why I feel like doing this but I want to.

Her blog is one of the most uplifting, thought provoking, inspiring online reads for me. She is, in real life, a kind and gentle person who doesn’t seem to have a mean bone anywhere in her body. She’s encouraging and real. She guards what’s hers and shares what she feels she can.

(Oh yeah. Just so he doesn’t left out, her hubby’s a riot and it’s entertaining watching him and B go on a killing spree in some stupid video game.)

To my fellow Mrs. Smith, I love and adore your sweet personality. I admire your quiet strength in the face of adversity. I look up to you in so many ways and you probably have no idea.

Which is okay, lol.

So for you, here’s a prayer:

Thank You for my dear friend, God. I’m not good with the whole “I love you, man” sorta thing between friends, but I do love her as a friend and as a sister in Christ and as family. She truly is an inspiration to me. Seeing her pushes me to step outside of my “normal” self and strive to pursue Your heart as a wife modeled after Your heart.

So as I strive to be a gentler woman who follows Your lead, I ask Your many blessings on my friend. I ask for an anointing over her in everything she does. I pray for the lives she touches on a daily basis. May they see You, witness You, experience You through her. In Your name, Amen.


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