We went away

We went away for our anniversary. Left Saturday morning, came back Monday morning.

We celebrated seven years February 14. Yeah, yeah. Valentine’s Day might sound like a cliched wedding day for some but it worked perfectly for us.

We generally stay local for our anniversary but this is the second time we’ve gone away. The first was to Tahoe, and this time was to Vegas. It was immense fun! Sin City was definitely a nice distraction – there was a lot to see, even more to do – and I’m glad I went with B. I’d love to go again, maybe with The Kid, and definitely for a longer time. Maybe a week.

I’m finding that celebrating our anniversary without The Kid is a definite must. After all, we didn’t marry The Kid, lol. We married each other. It’s our anniversary. It’s nice to celebrate with The Kid but it’s for us.

And this might sound bad, but I didn’t really miss The Kid while we were away. It was nice to have B to myself instead of sharing him with The Kid. Sharing’s not a bad thing but I like to be stingy every now and then and I choose to be stingy on our anniversary. It’s a good habit to have, I think, being stingy on your anniversary. It’s a nice habit to have.

So for our anniversary, we went away, kept talk about The Kid to a minimal, had fun being with each other, and reminded ourselves why we went away: to celebrate our being together.

Here’s to going away and being stingy! Cheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on “We went away

  1. You’re so right – you married each other, not your kid{s}, and your anniversary is for you. Galen and I plan to remember that we’re husband and wife, not just mommy and daddy, once the little guy comes, because it’s so easy to get lost in parenthood and accidentally neglect each other’s needs. I’m glad you two spent a weekend as a twosome!

    • LOL yes, so am I!

      I love being at home with B and The Kid but I love my time with him away from her. Your little one will be here soon, and yes, enjoy your time as a family but don’t forget who you married, who will still be in the house with you when the kids grow up and leave.

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