Pitch a tent

Every morning I go to work, I pass by the Crystal Springs Reservoir off of 280 South.

Some mornings, you can see the stillness of the water and reflection of the morning sun off its surface. Other mornings, fog/mist lingers over the water and crawls over the hills surrounding it. Whether it’s sunny or not, the sight is amazing and makes me want to pitch a tent and camp the weekend somewhere.

I haven’t been camping in a long time. B and I usually go every year at least once. We haven’t gone since The Kid was born. We went once when I was pregnant, which wasn’t so bad except I was probably six or seven months and slept like crap that weekend. Other than the whole “I can’t sleep” thing, it was okay!

B and I enjoy camping. I love the smell of outdoors, of waking up to freezing temps outside, campfires, hikes. Ooo, I love the hikes! A backpack, extra clothes, water, food and a sturdy walking stick… You never know where you’ll end up! Just don’t get lost – that would suck!

I hope we can go camping sometime this year. Even if it’s just to Memorial County Park for a weekend. I’d love for The Kid to enjoy camping as much as we do.

Here’s to hoping we pitch a tent somewhere in the middle of no-man’s-land this year!


4 thoughts on “Pitch a tent

  1. Yes! Take the Kid camping. Both of ours have been campers since about the age of one. And they love it – and even if they’ve gone through times of thinking that they didn’t love it, they came around later and understand that it’s something special that most of their friends’ familes don’t do.

    • Thanks for the encouragement to take her, Patti! I’ve been dying for some good outdoor time with my little family and can’t wait for a good long hike – probably w/o The Kid though, lol. I like to hike for a few miles and I don’t think she’ll last that long.

  2. We did the backpack thing with my daughter till she was 5! She always got out and walked a bit, though. My husband liked the challenge of carrying her and it was a special time for them. By the time she was 5, we found she could hike 5 1/2 miles up and down steep canyon trails, so the backpack was done (and so was daddy!) Not to just advertise my own blog, but you might enjoy reading a bit I wrote about hiking with her – http://tishipoo.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/a-rock-is-not-always-a-hard-place/

    • Wow! My husband never carried The Kid on his back, and she’d probably hurt his back now! I’m excited about taking her camping after your story about your daughter! 🙂

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