Day 1: Awake

I once read in a yoga newsletter that it’s better to let your body wake up after you open your eyes.

For years, I’ve been an alarm goes off, open my eyes, get out bed type of person. Most mornings than I care to remember, I’m drowsy, groggy and usually annoyed. Which is strange because I consider myself a morning person, lol. I don’t do well at night. I need LOADS of something to keep me going after eleven at night!

But for almost a week, give or take a day or two, I’ve opened my eyes sometime after 6 a.m. and just laid there until about 630 a.m. I don’t feel lightheaded or stumbling around drunk either. (Nice description, huh? That’s how I’ve felt before so to not feel it is a great feeling.) I’ve actually felt awake!

I’ve also noticed my dependency on coffee isn’t as strong. I’ve gone without coffee since last Wednesday. Okay, so almost a week isn’t that big of an accomplishment but I think it is!

I also notice I’m more aware in the morning, more likely to remember how I got to work, more likely to remember what I have to do during my lunch hour.

At almost thirty years old, I’d like to say this is one of the neatest things I’ve learned in a while.

It’s hard to believe that all it takes for me to really be awake is to let every part of me wake up first.


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