NaBloPoMo – March

NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month

For the month of March, the theme is “One Word.”

Here are the guidelines for what I’ll be posting each day this month:

“First and foremost, however, we need to talk about next month’s theme for daily blogging: IN A WORD. It’s meant to be both an inspiration and a challenge: you can choose a word (perhaps by going to either Save the Words or One Word) to build a post around, or you can try to find one word that sums up whatever’s going on in your life each day when you sit down to compose your post. You can talk about the power of words, your favorite words, or what happens when we’re at a loss for words. And naturally photobloggers are granted the right to gather up a thousand words and present them in the best daily images they can produce.” (Received via email on February 28)

Each post this month will be built around one word. I’ll define the daily word in the subject line and go from there.

If you’re interested in participating, check out the site here.

As always, happy reading and happy blogging!


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