Day 2: Glimpse

The weather’s not the greatest today, for driving I mean. Most people know I love this weather while hating the weather that’s to come – hot, dry summers. But that’s not important, lol.

But driving into work this morning, I caught a glimpse of a rainbow against the dark, cloudy sky. It was amazing and a reminder of God’s promise made so many years ago.

When we took our anniversary mini-vacation in Vegas, I had to drive The Kid to my parents the day before we flew out. She saw a rainbow during the drive and asked about it. It’s difficult to explain God’s promise not to flood the earth to a three year old, mainly ’cause she’s never seen a flood before. Needless to say, our conversation lasted twenty minutes of the ninety minute drive. She would ask why or give her opinion. I would answer or ask her about her opinion.

I love The Kid and her curiosity. I don’t mind explaining things in detail to her. I don’t mind defining words for her. “Glimpse” was one of those words I defined for her during the drive.

In the case of our conversation, I defined “glimpse” as a quick look of something, to see something for just a moment. There was a lot of, “Look, mommy, there it is! Oh, no, wait it’s gone now. Bummer, dude!” moments after that!

The curve of colors that I glimpse whenever the weather is like today’s is always amazing for me to see. And say what you want but it always evokes remembrance of God’s promise, His sovereignty, His love, His mercy and Him.


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