Day 3: Talk

Sometimes I tend to talk a lot.

No, it’s not me running my mouth or whatever. It’s just talking a lot.

But I can also talk very little unless I have to.

Talk happens everyday. You do it, I do it, everyone does unless you can’t for whatever reason. Then you use other means to talk. But talking is as normal as breathing.

But what do you talk about? Is it wholesome or degrading? Uplifting or discouraging? On point or vague? Emotional or uncaring?

A lot of this is dependent on a variety of conditions – past, present, convictions, beliefs, experience (or lack of), knowledge. But in general, when talking with friends, family, co-workers, people we love to hate, what’s your conversation like?

I know mine can be on the negative. I think some call it sarcasm or dry humor. I would agree to a point. But only to a point. I don’t think I’m the most encouraging person, especially towards someone I love to hate, and I know (yes, I know) that it’s not a reflection of Christ through me.

As His child, I’m commanded (not given the option) to love my neighbor as myself. Well, I love myself pretty well, thank you very much, but I know that type of love/affection doesn’t always come across. I’m often dismissive if I don’t like you. I’ll make superficial conversation, ask how you’re doing (but I probably don’t really care), say hi and goodbye and go my merry way.

Um… There’s no love in the conversation, no depth of emotions or feelings, no real sense of me caring. We just talked, went our separate ways and I dismissed the conversation as never happening.

Way to show love to others, huh?

In your conversations, your talks with whomever crosses your path, what will you do? Will you revert to emotions, grudges, pettiness? Or will you talk with meaning, with feeling, with love?

I’m aiming for love. 🙂

Here goes nothing and here’s my everything into talking more as Christ would have me talk and less as I would.


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