Day 5: Smile

Yesterday, a FB friend posted “Smile…….its contagious!!!!! Happy Friday everyone” as his status.

I got to thinking… He’s right!

I’ve heard of bad moods being contagious (or maybe that’s just my cousin being weird, lol) and if that’s true then a good mood should be just as or more contagious, right? I’m beginning to think so.

Sometime last year, I stopped at McD’s for coffee on my way into work. Coming out, I walked by an elderly man, smiled, said, “Good morning, how’re you?” to which he replied, “That smile should be patented.”

I laughed and said, “Thank you.”

He said, “Lucky is the man who wakes up to that smile everyday!”

I don’t know if he smiled again after that, I hope he did, but my FB friend’s right. It is contagious.

A smile is uplifting, encouraging. Even if it’s temporary, it releases you from whatever’s weighing you down. Not only that, but it brightens your countenance. People notice – for the right reasons.

So smile! Not just on Fridays because it’s the end of a long, tedious, trying work week or because the weekend’s here and you need it. Just smile!


2 thoughts on “Day 5: Smile

    • Ugh, I agree! And those seem to be the worst! You can’t escape it and sometimes can’t even talk about it!

      But it’s like everything else in a marriage – you wait it out, talk it through eventually, understand it better and move on.

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