Day 9: More

I consider myself pretty easy to please. Ask B. If he gives me a box of chocolates (probably such a cliche of a gift to TONS of women), I’m good. Shiny things are nice but, really, when am I ever going to remember that nice shiny thing? (I remember my ring but I never take it off.)

I’m not a shopper by any means. Hate it, can’t stand doing it, I’d rather be doing something else. If I’m going shopping with you just don’t expect a lot of interest on my end in what you’re shopping for. I can give an honest opinion on something if you want, but that’s about it.

I don’t buy a lot of stuff for myself. I bought a pair of shoes recently because I needed them. The last pair I had, the soles were worn smooth. No traction and that could suck when walking on slippery surfaces. I buy stuff when I need them, lol, usually not just ’cause there’s a good sale going on.

We’re hoping to raise The Kid with the same mentality. I’ve seen a lot of children around The Kid’s age that are overindulged by their parents and family. I’m not judging so don’t shoot me hate mail or leave angry comments here. It’s a fact that I have observed and won’t sugarcoat it or try to say it nicely.

A child who doesn’t learn or understand, at a young age, the value of money or the role it plays in their life is a child who grows up with their hand open and outstretched ALL THE TIME, demanding more and pitching a royal fit if they don’t get it.



There has only been one incident, ONE, where The Kid had a fit in the store and I left the cart with B and walked out with her. A no is no and I will not subject other customers in the store to her foul mood because she wants something.

Everything B and I give her is because we are blessed to have it. We try our hardest not take our blessings for granted and we know that it’s wrong to ask for more when we’re not giving more to Him. And I don’t think The Kid should be given the privilege of asking for “more” just because she’s three.

We provide for her, we take care of her, we give her the necessities and a few wants are granted. But we draw the line because we have to. It’s common sense and good stewardship of what God’s blessed us with.

If I ask for “more” I’d ask for more time in the day to spend with B and The Kid. I’d ask for more patience, more of a loving attitude, more forgiveness. I’d ask for more direction, more guidance. I’d ask for more of Him. Everything else is immaterial in comparison with the “more” He offers me.


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