Day 10: Say

When B and I got married, we had a song that played (briefly) for my walk down the aisle.

Those who were in attendance will probably remember we didn’t have a rehearsal, there were about sixty people there (give or take), I wore white flip-flops because I hate heels, my younger sister was my maid of honor, it was put together in six weeks (no, I wasn’t pregnant so don’t even go there because I have an opinion on this that has nothing to do with this post), and the bridal entrance song was by Steven Curtis Chapman.

The song “What I Really Want To Say” was our song before we got married, more by chance than anything. It says clearly what I could never say in words to him. It’s been our song since.

Last night, after The Kid went to sleep, we were lying in bed listening to music from his phone. B’s knowledge of music is amazing. He knows music from different eras, different artists, different genres. It’s kind of amazing to be married to a walking music library!

But we came across our song last night and it was a total “this is perfect” moment.

Sometimes what you want to say the most to your significant other can’t be put into words. Sometimes you feel your words don’t do justice either. There are those “this is perfect” moments in relationships where all you want is just to lovingly hold each other, a tender reminder that what you have really is special and it’s different from other relationships. There’s never going to be another love like what you have with each other. Each is different. And finding what you want to say and how to say it adequately enough is sometimes just too hard.

Here’s our song. Be blessed and, I hope, you can see what I mean as you listen.


8 thoughts on “Day 10: Say

  1. That’s nice. I’d never heard it. You made me think about a song that was sung at our wedding – Don Francisco’s “I could never promise you.”

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