Day 11: Laugh

When was the last time you laughed so much you cried? Or until your belly hurt? (There’s another one I could mention but it’s kinda gross. Use your imagination. You probably know what I’m talking about.)

I think laughing goes right up with smiling – you know, it’s contagious and positive.

Now, not dwelling on the downsides of a laugh (and there are a few), a laugh is generally countenance altering. Much like a smile. I mean it changes your outward appearance and if your laugh isn’t forced and is truly felt it changes your inward appearance as well.

Much like a smile, laughter has the power to dispel whatever shadows seem to be lurking in the corners. The sound can drive away bad, annoying, irritable thoughts for the moment. It draws people to you and they want to know what’s so funny. If they share the same sense of humor as you do, they’ll laugh too!

Laughing (and smiling because the two seem to always go hand in hand) is like paying forward. You could consider it a good deed, I suppose, but I don’t see it as that. I like to see people laugh, not rude or mean at a not-so-funny situation, but to really laugh. I like that deep belly laugh that men have, and I like that musical laugh that women have, and I absolutely adore that uncontrollable laugh that children have.

Sometimes life can be so bleak and overwhelming we forget to laugh. We can’t see past our current situation. We don’t see any silver lining.

Here’s your challenge: Despite what you’re currently going through in life right, I challenge you to find a reason to laugh.

Stop worrying enough to really listen to a joke your friend/significant other/co-worker is saying. Sit back and enjoy that comedy you found hilarious when it first came out. Play a game with friends that’s sure to make you laugh. Enjoy a relaxing dinner/drink/time out with close friends.

Life has a lot of humorous moments. Don’t miss out on them.

Go ahead.



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