Day 15: End

(Today’s post is in letter form)

Dear God,

You know that ominous feeling that indicates the end of something? I wish I knew a happier sounding word instead of ominous but, sadly, I don’t. I think my wish is because I don’t mean this to sound bad/sad.

I think that as a human, I don’t adapt to change that well, and the ending of something, anything, is hard to adjust to.

In light of current circumstances that You’re aware of, I’m beginning to feel the end was/is a good thing for me. My spirit’s still restless but not as much.

Even though this might sound mean or strange to people, thank You for the end of things. Thank You because it opens doors I never thought were there, it puts Your plan in perspective, it brings me back to the center of Your will.

Although the end is hard to digest, it’s not impossible. You promised that You would never leave me nor forsake me and I’ll hold onto that as You help bring us past the end of this chapter and into something new.

Thank You for the end but also the beginning.



4 thoughts on “Day 15: End

    • It’s such an overwhelming feeling and while change (no matter what form it comes in) sucks, I’m trying to remember that it serves a purpose and that change always brings me back to Him.

  1. And you have to rest in knowing that you may not see the good for a while, but it’s there all the same. And the struggle to find it may well be part of that good.

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