Day 18: Stories

Once upon a time…

That’s the problem with fairy tales. They almost always begin with that stupid line. Once upon a time…

If my life were a “once upon a time” story you’d be bored to tears. Sure, I got a knight in shining armor (although he arrived in a black Pontiac, not a gallant horse, LOL) and have my castle (even if it’s an apartment) but between the beginning of my time on earth and my present day life, it’s pretty boring.

That’s not to knock on my life and say I have a mess of regrets that I wasn’t more of a trouble maker or made a bigger impact on the world, blah blah blah. Truthfully, I don’t have a lot of regrets about my life story. I think the hangups and bumps and falls I’ve experienced have made my life story different from anyone else’s. My sisters and my brother have stories different than mine. B’s story is different than mine.

The story of your life makes you different and interesting to the people you associate with. Your story had that one piece that connects you to someone else, intertwining your life with theirs, whether for a moment or for a lifetime. The stories that you collect during your lifetime make a bigger story that is uniquely yours and there is no one else who will have the same story as you do.

Whether your life has been fairly mellow with few wild moments or if your life has been one big wild moment with few mellow moments, your story is yours, made up of hundreds, maybe thousands, of stories that are written within your own story. Even if you think your story is dull and boring, I can say with confidence it probably never began with “Once upon a time” but it will probably end with “And they lived happily ever after.”


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