Day 21: Singing

I come from a pretty musically inclined family. Some can play instruments, others can sing. (I play, been told I can sing, but I refuse to sing.)

But today isn’t about playing an instrument; it’s about singing.

Singing, whether at home, in the car or at church, is soul cleansing for me. Sometimes the songs aren’t Christian that speak the loudest to me, sometimes they are. I’m not the world’s greatest singer but I don’t mind singing along when it touches my heart and soul, when it speaks to me where I’m at.

My sister shared this awesome video last week and it spoke volumes to me. I found my singing along (at work of all places) but I was so incredibly blessed and it brought a hint of peace when I needed it.


Dear God,

Thank You for the gift of song, for blessing others to sing encouragement and life into those that need it most. You always seem to give the right words to those that are gifted to sing about You, who You are, what You can be to us.

Thank You for this song.




One thought on “Day 21: Singing

  1. That was lovely – I usually don’t like music videos much, but that was compelling imagery to go along with the song. Thanks.
    And songs are important – God tells us to sing to him – and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the largest book in the Bible is a songbook.

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