Day 22: Fight

More than once, Your hand has sustained me.
More than once, Your voice has led me.
Over and over and over again
You continue to fight for me

Half the time I’m not sure why

I’m a disobedient child, set in her ways
It’s mostly a big fat “no” when You want a big fat “yes”
I hate saying “yes” if it’s not what I want

Your light has graced more than one dark period of my life
Your promises have encouraged me to stand once again
Every time I’ve screwed up You never forgot me
You fought for me to understand that You’re always there

And I feel so undeserving of Your efforts sometimes

I don’t know why either

So here’s my heart and You know it’s current state
It’s confused and is screaming for an answer
And here’s my mind that’s just as confused
And my spirit that needs Your touch
And my soul that needs You to speak into it

I know You love me
I know You’ll always fight for me

Now help me fight past everything else
To hear only You
To see only You
To feel only You

Help me fight past my emotions
My thoughts
My rationalizations

Bring me into that peace that You have waiting for me
Let me fight past this with Your strength
Until I can say with confidence
That You have made Your purpose and will clear

Fight for me
Not one last time because it’s not
But fight for me
So that I can fight for You


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