Day 23: Results

(Today’s post is in letter form)

Dear God,

I know I’ve apologized, profusely, for my outburst a few days ago. I know You understand and You’ve forgiven my volcanic eruption, but I still feel the need to apologize.

So, again, I’m sorry.

I’m not going to erupt today. šŸ™‚ You’ve probably had enough of my venting anyway to last the rest of my lifetime.

I wanted to thank You in advance for Your answer. Unlike a few days ago, I have a renewed sense of calm today. Maybe it’s because You’ve brought awesome people into my life and into B’s life that kick us into gear or speak what we need to hear. Or write.

I know I’m impatient in waiting for You to answer, I know I freak out over the dumbest things, I know I don’t always understand Your grand master plan for me.

But today, thanks for the answers, whenever they happen to come.

There’s never been a moment in my life (single or married) where You haven’t come through like You promised. Everything in my life has been a result of Your spoken word over me, as a woman, a wife, a mother. You’ve continued to pour into my life when I didn’t think anything You offered would be beneficial to me.

Everything in my life is a result of You being in my life.

Thank You, for the answers, the results, the solutions that will come when You say they will.




One thought on “Day 23: Results

  1. The truth?

    I’m a bit frustrated/discouraged today, and I needed the reminder that one, I’m not the only one – duh! lol – and two, God is pouring into me right now, even if I don’t see or feel it, and that’s a blessing I should be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder, and I pray you’ll continue to feel encouraged and calm. šŸ™‚

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