Day 27: Bandage

The highlight of today is I cut myself.

In the kitchen.

While making dinner.

For those who know me, you’re probably thinking, “What else is new?” For those who don’t, I’m prone to more accidents in the kitchen than anywhere else I may be. Weird, huh?

Yes, I cleaned it out, applied pressure, applied an antiseptic and then bandages. Like three of them. They’re on their pretty tight, for the pressure, but my thumb doesn’t feel any better. Still throbs. Still hurts.


A cut can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A bandage protects the cut from further damage and provides a safe place for it to heal, meaning it’s clean and sterile. If this is true in the physical sense, why can’t it be true in the emotional, mental and spiritual sense? If we seek a doctor or medicine for our physical ailments, why don’t we seek the Ultimate Doctor for everything else?

His healing flows from His hands, through His blood. Not only does He offer it freely but it heals everything.


The wounds that no one sees but bleed regardless. The bruises that fade without ever being noticed. The brokenness that never gets set.

Everything that hurts, aches, breaks, bleeds in us can be healed by our Maker. He’s got the biggest, best bandages available and though His methods for healing may seem unconventional, they work.

No matter what you’re hurting from, He’s waiting for you to ask for Him to bandage you right up.

Will you?


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