Day 30: Sparks

“…sparks flew when they touched…”

“…the attraction was undeniable, sparks igniting between them…”

Okay, so as a beginning note, the above quotes are not meant to be Rated R but are actually quotes commonly found in romance stories. Something along the lines of either of these quotes indicates the point in a story where the hero and heroine first meet and the attraction is 1) undeniable and wanted, or 2)undeniable but unwanted. Either way, they fall in love and the story ends with a happily ever after.

Falling in love is a process though, no matter how quickly sparks fly between two people. Some couples have been lifelong friends whose feelings changed along the way, going from loving as a friend to loving as more than a friend. Others meet through mutual friends, online dating sites, company picnics/parties, etc., build a friendship, gain trust and go from like to love. But it’s a process.

When sparks fly between an individual and God, however, the process is different.

See, from the beginning of time, God knew that each of us would exist. He has loved us that long. He has known us that long. He’s just waiting for us to fall in love with him.

He’s waiting for the sparks to fly.

For some, the sparks fly at an early age. For others, it’s during their mid-life. For others still, it isn’t until the very end.

My point is that the sparks fly.

That “new Christian” glow is equivalent to that “I’m in love” glow we experience in the natural world. As a new Christian, we crave time with God. He’s all we talk about, all we think about. We want to know everything about Him.

The sparks that flew initially become a roaring fire of passion that’s contagious and consuming. Our love for God grows with time. Our passion should be the same. The spark should ignite a wildfire that threatens to consume every part of our human self, making our love for Him uncontainable, breathtaking, beautiful and precious.

Do the sparks still fly between you and God? Did that spark become a fire? Or has the fire died?


Dear God,

I pray for the sparks to fly between You and the person that doesn’t know You.

I pray for the sparks to roar into a blazing fire between You and the child that does know You.

I pray for the spark to reignite between You and the child whose fire has died.

I pray that we, Your children, rally together to draw people to You, to encourage the sparks to fly, to fan the spark into a flame, to reach out and help reignite the dying flame.

May the love we have for You be all consuming, overpowering, earth shattering.

And may we be an accurate display of what it means for the “sparks to fly.”




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