Day 31: Reliance

The 30 Day Challenge of building a post around or about one word ends today. While I breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over, I’m eagerly anticipating the challenge for April.

Even though writing’s becoming a passion of mine, in blog form and fictional form, the challenge of building a post around one word tested my ability to always make the post consistent and relevant. But in writing each post, I learned to rely on God not only about what to write but also on how to write it.

I always thought my reliance on Him was solid. I trust in Him, have faith in Him, believe in Him. I never realized that something like writing would challenge that notion and force me to rely on Him so strongly.

My writings in March have brought moments of peace, amusement, belly deep laughter, thought provoking questions, fervent prayers and questions, unexpected answers and guidance. I have made a new friend, whose postings for March I have deeply enjoyed. I have been challenged by a friend who’s also family. I have encouraged and been blessed in helping a sibling. I’m honored and humbled in ways I can’t describe, a result, I know, of my growing reliance on Him.

I pray that your reliance on Him grows as mine has, and that your existing notion of reliance on Him is redefined.


Dear God,

Thank You for a month of amazing writings, encouragements, and redefinition.

Thank You for pushing me to redefine my reliance on You. I ask that my reliance on You continues to grow, that the areas I need to learn to rely on You continue to expand until every part of my life centers on my reliance on You.




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