Sprout – Day 2

You know that thing between your ears? Helps you think? Helps control your body? Yeah, that thing! Your brain!

One of the greatest things about having one is having the ability to form a thought, an idea. Amazing things happen when an idea is birthed: inventions are made, books are written, technology makes advances, etc. You get the idea (no pun intended).

But while ideas can bring amazingly good things into this world, ideas can also bring downfall and destruction.

The very idea that God could create this beautiful world, grow it from just a spoken word and breathe life into it because He wants to, is amazing. He spoke this world into existence and blessed the first man and woman with a place where they could commune with Him.

But the idea that eating forbidden fruit could make man like God brought pain, misery, hardship and dis-communication with Him.

Are your idea being used to build up or tear down? Are you proactive in seeking His will in the idea or your own? Are you willing to let the glory you receive for the idea go to Him or are you more interested in keeping it for yourself?


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