Sprout – Day 3

Relationships, whether romantic or not, are something we humans crave. It’s contact with another human, sometimes by a common interest or circumstance.

We have an intimate circle of friends, a best friend, and they differ from a mere acquaintance. With a friend, the depth and width of the relationship is more than that of an acquaintance. We’ve established our common interests, our trust in each other, our desire to protect/stand up for each other.

That isn’t true for a more shallow relationship.

Strong relationships take time to develop. They often begin with someone small and grow over time as the individuals spend time together, dare to get to know one another. They learn to trust, to love (sometimes to love like they were family), to depend on each other.

How far a relationship develops is up to both individuals. You can’t become more than just strangers if you don’t get involved in each others lives.

I hope your relationships are strong and sturdy. But I also pray for new relationships to grow in your life.


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