Sprout – Day 4

How are your emotions today? Are you handling them? Are they handling you?

Emotions, good and bad, are born from your reaction to a person, place, object, event, etc. At least, that how’s I see it.

Sunshine, for example, makes me feel annoyed. I’m not a sun worshiper. I actually burn, even with sunscreen on so the sun isn’t my best friend. My annoyance is evident in how curt I am, how easily frustrated I become, how cranky I get. Trust me (and B!) you know when I’m not enjoying the weather. The event of sunshine produces annoyance in me. Sometimes I’m good at controlling it. Other times, I’m not.

Music produces elation. You’ve heard me talk about my musically inclined family before. It’s not just the ability to play music, but it’s hearing music, certain music, that makes me feel happy. I sing along, I smile, I rock out (yeah, that’s probably hard for some of you to believe!).

My husband makes me feel loved. Hearing his voice makes me (corny as all get up right here) feel giddy. He makes me feel like a teenager in love for the first time, every time. He looks at me and I not only feel but I know I’m loved. My husband makes me feel loved.

The Kid makes me feel a myriad of emotions: frustrated, annoyed, happy, silly, crazy, loving. She’s three. I think saying the age says enough about why she makes me feel so much. (If you’re a parent or watch kids, you understand.)

Emotions are birthed as a result of something that affects you. Sometimes as a result of our humanity, we let them get the better of us and the end result is usually less than pleasant. It’s in those times that we need to understand how wrong our reaction was and to seek restitution, to make it right.

To be able to feel is an amazing gift from God. We’re not so one- or two-dimensional because we can feel. The inability to feel is different from indifference. It’s being unable to respond to a stimulant – at all. Can you imagine walking through life without being affected by anything? Not feeling love for someone? Not feeling enjoyment from a cup of coffee? Not feeling anger at being wronged?

We’d be one boring society, not that we’d notice because we wouldn’t affect each other at the level.

So, I’ll ask again: How are your emotions today? Are you handling them? Are they handling you?

I pray that your emotions, that feeling you’re experiencing as a result of your reaction to something, especially if it’s a negative emotion, don’t get the better of you. But I pray your positive emotions overflow from your life into another’s, that you’re able to touch someone who, at this moment, needs a pick-me-up.


2 thoughts on “Sprout – Day 4

  1. I like your idea that you display in these recent posts – the idea that you are putting a prayer out there for whoever might be reading it. What a wonderful thought! And appropriate too – we know that God knows who will read it even if we don’t and you can pray ahead of time for all who do. Thanks for sharing that.

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