Sprout – Day 5

(Today’s post is in letter form)

Dear God,

I look around this world You’ve created and I’m amazed at the life bursting forth all around me.

One of the greatest things about knowing You is knowing that:

  • You own everything I see
  • You see every birth and death
  • You see every seed that falls and the growth that results because of it

See, there’s nothing external or internal that You aren’t aware of. And what we, Your people, choose to let You handle, You handle correctly.

You send those that walk with You into the lives of those that need Your touch. At Your command, Your children work the soil so the ground is ready to receive the word that’s about to fall. And then You send someone to water what’s been sown. And yet, the work’s not done. It never is! You send others still to nurture the new growth, encouraging and coaxing it to tilt its head back to drink in the rays of Your light, to stretch their arms above their heads in complete surrender to You.

This life that You have blessed me with is a result of the caring hands, the encouraging words, the careful watering from Your servants that I have been blessed to encounter in my near thirty years of being alive.

Thank You for seeing the potential in me and then giving it opportunity enough to burst forth and grow.




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