Sprout – Day 7

I consider giving an art.

Maybe because it takes practice and a change in how one thinks about it.

God asks us to give back to Him. Reading it makes sense, you know? Like, “Oh, yeah, I can see why. He gives so I give back.”

But “parting is such sweet sorrow,” isn’t it? Well, maybe not exactly sweet. More like painful depending, right? (And don’t lie to yourself if it is!)

Acquired wealth and/or status drives our current world. The more you have, the more you’re recognized. The occasional sprinkling of your wealth to the “needy” garnishes lavish praise and thundering applause from your peers. Your chest swells with pride and you walk away thinking, “Yup, I’ve done my good deed!”

But giving isn’t about doing a good deed. It’s about doing as commanded. Ouch! That’s a harsh word! Command is an order, a strong telling of an action that needs to, must be, carried out. We are commanded to give.

And we’re not to give of our leftovers. What the heck is that anyway? I’ll put it this way: You wouldn’t give a dinner guest the scraps from your plate. Nope! You’d tell them, “Help yourself,” and let them go first.


See, giving to God isn’t just about your money, that 10% from your paycheck or money gifts. It’s about everything. Your money, your time, your gifts, everything. It’s about being available and willing to give what He’s asking you to give. It isn’t easy, I’m not saying that, but it’s possible.

Giving isn’t just handing “it” out. It’s learning it’s worth giving, that you will be blessed in return, that your gift will grow and multiply His kingdom.

I hope and pray that giving becomes a life lesson for you, one that you never tire of learning and relearning. I pray that your family and friends encounter that giving spirit in you. I pray that you see how your giving has influenced the lives of others. And even if you don’t, if in your lifetime you don’t see it come to fruition, I pray that you have faith enough to believe it will.


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