Sprout – Day 8

(Today’s post is in letter form)

Dear God,

I realized today that The Kid You’ve blessed us with is going to be tall. Not as tall as B but definitely taller than me.

I picked her up this morning to kiss her goodbye when I dropped her off and realized how tall she really is. The top of her head was level with mine and her feet stopped mid-thigh on me. It made me both sad and awestruck.

Sad because she’s already three. Awestruck because I can’t believe how big she is, how much she’s grown and how much she’s going to keep growing.

Thank You for blessing us with another day to watch her grow. Thank You for a healthy child. Thank You for the blessing that The Kid is.

I pray for more days like today, where I don’t take her progress for granted but am reminded and amazed by her growth.




2 thoughts on “Sprout – Day 8

  1. Three years old! Time flies when we have children. My baby is 17! I was a single mom for 11 years. UGH. Treasure this and I know you will by your words. What inspiration.

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