Sprout – Day 9

There’s a TV channel called Sprout that’s dedicated to encouraging time between parents and their child.

There’s a variety of shows, most no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes, where parents and children can sing songs, dance together, learn together, listen to stories, and celebrate birthdays. It doesn’t just encourage the development of a young child, but it strongly encourages the interaction between parents and child.

A blossoming relationship between any parent and their child begins long before the child is born. Being given the opportunity to witness a child develop in the womb is an amazing experience. While fathers aren’t granted this luxury (I mean, they can’t get pregnant), they bear witness to it through sonograms, the rolls, kicks and hiccups they can feel by just putting their hands over the mother’s stomach.

Yes, there are headaches and tears and arguments as the child grows but there are plenty of hugs and cuddles and times of laughter, too. Pleasure and pain, I guess.

But the fruit this relationship will bear as it grows over time is worth all the lows encountered along the way.

So it’s the same way with God. There is both pleasure and pain as we grow in Him. We bring Him smiles and laughter, but we also bring Him sadness and tears. Nevertheless, our relationship should still grow in Him and the fruit we bear is evident as His kingdom grows.

Today, I pray for that you experience a growth spurt in your relationship with Him, and I pray that it comes from you spending more time with Him.

Just like Sprout encourages time between a parent and their child, I encourage you to spend time with Him. Sing with Him, dance with Him, learn from Him, listen to His stories, celebrate with Him, and watch your relationship with Him grow.


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