Sprout – Day 11

(Today’s post is in letter form)

Dear God,

It seems that at the most unexpected time You dig up what’s died and ready the soil for what’s going to grow there.

Your tender hands dig up the remnants of the roots that have lived there forever. You throw them away. And then You reach down and begin to turn the soil, mixing it with nutrients and fertilizer, prepping it for the new seeds that will go there.

The plot is ready and waiting. You send the planters and they, under Your careful guidance and leadership, begin to plant seeds into the waiting soil. The careful ministrations of the waterers keep the soil moist and the seeds begin to grow and take root.

The old is gone. Even the old soil is no more. The ground is fertile, the seeds are growing. The new has come.

It’s amazing how, at the most unexpected time, You reach down into my life, clear away what has died, and prepare me for what’s to come. It’s amazing how You know when what’s been rooted in me for so long is no longer a necessity but a hinderance. It’s amazing how You know and make me ready for what’s new, what’s coming, what I need.




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