Sprout – Day 12

Now, I’ll admit that I’m not a frequent visitor to the local farmer’s market. Here in San Bruno, there’s plenty of options, too. There’s the one at CSM, another at Serramonte, and I think there’s one on San Bruno Avenue during the summer. When I attended CSM, I visited the parking lot farmer’s market regularly, mainly because it was on Saturday, the same day as my classes. It was amazing to the see the variety of locally grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, and locally baked breads and sweets. Not only was it visually pleasing, but it was aromatically pleasing.

Locally grown, for me and my siblings, began when we moved to Livermore and my mom decided to try her hand at growing vegetables in the backyard. It was both cool and annoying, I’m not going to lie. She planted tomatoes, chili peppers, zucchini, eggplant and lettuce are the ones I remember. It was cool because once mom got the hang of it her tomatoes and zucchinis were huge! I’m not a fan of zucchini but the tomatoes were sweet and juicy and perfect for eating after a good wash. It was annoying because she always sent us four out to pick the vegetables that were ripe. It wasn’t our favorite thing to do, early in the morning, during the summer, when it could be almost 80 degrees at eight in the morning.

Still, despite my mild complaints about early morning picking, watching the plants bloom into ripe, luscious vegetables was amazing. Mom planted them as young plants and we got to watch them mature, their edible offerings appearing over time. To this day, almost ten years after I moved out, I still look forward to what my mom’s summertime garden will yield.

And I’m looking forward to this summer’s tasty yield!


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