Sprout – Day 13

Dear God,

I was sitting at my desk reviewing a story I’m currently rewriting and this song popped into my mind.

I thought I could just listen to it and immerse myself in the words of this song. But halfway through, I felt the urge to write to You.

It is no lie that how You love me is more than amazing. Words can’t describe the way Your love makes me feel. Short of sounding like a lovesick fool, I am in love with You.

From the moment I said “I do” to You, I have never been without Your love. I’ve fallen more than once and still You love me. I’ve turned away and gone my own way and still You love me.

Your love is truly steadfast and unconditional, evident in how You’ve stuck by me no matter what.

And in this time I have found my love for You growing, sometimes in leaps and bounds, sometimes haltingly. But it’s grown.

Let this emotion and feeling continue to grow inside of me. Let me be reminded, everyday, what it means to fall head-over-heels in love with You. And never, ever, let me even begin to doubt Your love for me.

Because how You love me is truly amazing.




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