Sprout – Day 14

By taking on this challenge of writing everyday for a month, I’ve come across two women who write in styles that are very different than mine but touch me nonetheless.

I’m honored to call them blogging friends and sisters in Christ. I’ve never met them in person. I would love to but who knows, right?

I’m pleased to introduce you first to Debra, a woman whose writing inspires me on a daily basis. Her online inspirations have been the base for some of my writings. I feed off of her knowledge, her perspective. I’m honored to learn under her blogging guidance.

I’m also very pleased to introduce you to Amanda. I don’t believe she posts everyday, but when she does… Her writing is at times just what I need to read. Her amazing ability to weave bits and pieces of her life into what she’s learning about God is stunning. I’m honored to read and receive from her posts.

Both of these women have shown me the power that comes with writing, that what you write can have a profound impact on your readers. I am honored to know both of these women, blessed to read their posts, amazed that God could provide such terrific role models for me.

I pray God’s blessing over their writings, that their followers grow in numbers, in faith, in belief, in ability. I pray His choicest blessings over their lives. I pray that those who read their blogs find their words to inspiring, uplifting and convicting.


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