Sprout – Day 15

I was reading through the past prompts on NaBloPoMo and came across the prompt for April 1: What are you ready to let go of?

It got me thinking about what B and I have let go of recently.

While I won’t go into detail, the experience made me realize just how painless letting go can be. Oh, it’s not because I feel nothing about what I’m relinquishing my hold on but it’s because it’s just time. Letting go can be quite painful, sometimes because we just don’t want to, sometimes because we make it painful.

But when the time’s right, letting go is easy to do. You hold your hand open and just… release. You don’t feel guilty or frustrated or angry or annoyed about it. There’s a great sense of relief, a spark of hope as you look toward what’s next.

If letting go is difficult for you, I pray for discernment and clear hearing. Discernment so you know it’s time and clear hearing so you’re not hearing the voices of those that are begging you to “just hold on!” I pray that as you ready your hands to let go, that you understand you’ll be gaining in the process, that your hands will close over the handles of the new opportunity that’s heading straight for you.

If you have let go, I pray for joy as you celebrate this time to move on. I pray that your faith, that your hope stay alive as you eagerly anticipate the next step.

Whether easy or hard, I pray that as you let go, you grow. Life experiences aren’t supposed to be lessons easily disregarded, tossed aside because “we’re done.” Life experiences are meant to grow us, push us up and out, move us forward. So grow beyond your comfort zone.

Let go and grow.


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