Sprout – Day 18

(Today’s post is in letter form)

Dear God –

I’m writing today not for myself but for someone I love. She is a sister and a friend.

Lord, I can’t begin to describe the tumultuous emotions I feel for her and what she’s going through. I understand that You have a plan and a purpose for her but right now, as an outsider, I wonder what it is. I don’t doubt Your ability to heal, to grow, to propel forward, but when the picture is so small and the wounds are so fresh, I know from past experience that doubt happens.

I pray for a support group to encompass her. May she be willing to accept their support and learn that leaning is okay.

I pray for strength because I’m sure she feels weak. You said that Your strength is sufficient. Make that real for her.

I pray for peace because being in a storm sucks. Move her from the outside of the storm into the eye of the storm where it’s calm and she’s protected.

I pray for finality. That probably sounds really odd but, God, I know it’s not. It’s closure, that sense of something finally being done, let go of, put to rest at last.

I pray for comfort. Wrap her in Your arms, let her know You’re still there.

There’s so much I could pray for for my sister and friend, God, but I don’t have enough words to put it into writing or even to say it out loud. So here’s my heart, my prayer, laid out before You on her behalf.

In this time of uncertainty, I believe in Your plan for her, Your love for her, and how much You want her to grow.

Grow her, God. Let her see this is worth it. Grow her into the woman You know she’ll become.




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