Sprout – Day 19

Darkness crept in, chilling fingers reaching into every crevice, every pocket, seeking to consume its opposite. Each swipe of its talons brought death, brought destruction, brought an end. It sought what it hated most. Its hope was annihilation. Its desire twisted triumph.

Darkness inhaled great masses of white only to turn and spit it out, smiling gleefully at the muddled mess of gray. A touch of its finger and it turned to black, sticky like tar, seeping into the ground, poisoning whatever life-giving minerals remained.

Darkness turned to survey its new kingdom, laughing that all of this no longer belonged to its enemy. It settled onto its throne, content to dwell in the midst of silence and nothing.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months as darkness continued its rule over this once vibrant domain. It slept contentedly knowing its kingdom would never again feel the comfort or warmth of light.

Until one day it spied the brilliance of white push through the ground. No bigger than a pinhole, darkness chose not to concern itself with it, flinging more black over it, ignoring it. But the white was resilient and continued to push through. Darkness continued to cover it, scowling that it wouldn’t just disappear into the mire surrounding it.

The suddenly, the white that pushed through cracked the hard surface of its surroundings. Light, so clear, so bright, shone through the spiderweb cracks of darkness, gathering strength and momentum as it continued to push forward.

“No!” darkness shrieked. “This is mine! My domain! It is mine!”

Darkness pushed back with all its might but the light was too strong and with a mighty thrust it shattered darkness’ hold over it, flinging it into oblivion. “You have no say over what is Mine,” light declared, picking up the remnants darkness left behind and crushing it beneath its feet. “You sought to bring death, and now I speak life. You tried to destroy, and now I bind and heal. This is Mine. You no longer rule over what is Mine. Out with you, darkness!”

Cursing and wailing its defeat, darkness shrank away, knowing that this light was too powerful. And light turned to survey its domain, smiling sweetly as it breathed its welcoming into the space around it. And everywhere that light touched or passed by, life grew and blossomed.

And darkness was seen no more.


Matthew 4:16 – The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned.


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