Sprout – Day 20

There are ten days left of the NaBloPoMo April challenge to blog everyday about sprout.

I’ve been challenged, frustrated, uncertain. I’ve experienced joy, laughter, amazement. I’ve discovered I have the ability to write about one topic for more than a day. I’ve learned that almost everything I can think of is or can be tied to the word and definition sprout.

And yet I’ve discovered the greatest thing I could ever discover as a result of this challenge: my First Love.

Often times I let life and all it’s busyness cloud my focus, and, yes, I readily admit that’s by choice. Yet I’ve rediscovered my love for Him, and my appreciation for the ways He’s sprouted things in my life has grown.

I hope and pray that, whether you’ve blogged along with me or simply read along, that you’re appreciation for the way He’s grown you and continues to sprout new things in you doesn’t stay the same. I hope your love for Him grows with each rising of the sun, with each breath you take, with every challenge you face.


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