Sprout – Day 21

I was reading a friend’s blog post and it got me thinking.

Am I an example to The Kid? Does she Christ in me? Am I an accurate example of WWJD to her?

Do I encourage her to explore His word? Do I tell her to seek His counsel?

Does she understand He loves her? Does she feel His love for her? Am I portraying His love?

Have we taken care to plant her feet where they should be? Are we helping tend to the garden of her heart?

Do we fill her with things from His heart? Are we investing wisely into her spiritual health? Are we even checking to make sure she is spiritually healthy?

(Thank you, Debra, for such a thought provoking post today.)


2 thoughts on “Sprout – Day 21

  1. It is something that, as parents, we should always be thinking about, and probably don’t too much of the time. My daughter was recently waiting on me hand and foot, helping me choose earrings and accessories, and I realized in all of her activity, that she was learning how to be a woman – from me. Very sobering.

    • Wow, that’s VERY sobering!

      There are days when The Kid’s under my feet, helping me with everything I do. And there are days when she takes the initiative and does things for me. Granted those things aren’t much ’cause she’s only three but still it’s amazing to watch her grow in that respect.

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