Sprout – Day 22

It’s funny how Earth Day and Good Friday fell on the same day this year.

In an effort to become more aware of our planet and the need to preserve it, we observe Earth Day. There are promotions for “green” products, encouragement for car- or van-pooling, the push to take re-usable bags when you go shopping. As the years have passed, the need to really care for our planet and find alternative means for supplies and energy sources has become more refined and more celebrated. All of this in the name of preserving our beautiful planet.

Good Friday is the observed day of Christ’s crucifixion, the day He bore the cross on His shoulders, the day He was nailed and displayed for all to see. It’s a day that could be associated with great sadness. After all, He died, right? Death is never lovely or happy. But it shouldn’t be. If anything, I believe it should be associated and observed with incredible joy and gratitude.


Joy because by His death temple sacrifices and pleadings with priests for forgiveness was abolished. Gratitude because by His death He fulfilled a longstanding prophecy and proved that He was who He said He was – the Son of God.

The need for a greener future is of great concern to our society, maybe not as a whole but a healthy chunk of it is concerned with the legacy we will leave for future generations. That’s nice and admirable.

But what spiritual legacy are we leaving behind?

When we celebrate Easter, do we make it all about that accursed Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, plastic eggs filled with candies, and beautiful Easter clothing? Or are we deliberate in celebrating the One Reason for it? Do we promote the story of His life, His death and His resurrection? Or do we very briefly acknowledge it because we have to but would rather discuss more pleasant things like that stupid Easter Bunny?

As we grow in our faith, we should concern ourselves with the legacy we leave behind. The Bible says

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
Matthew 24:35

At the end of our lifetime, the memories of what we so passionately fought for will pale in comparison to the light that showed through us, revealing our Savior to all we came in contact with. When He calls us home, our families and friends will remember us for our personality and maybe some cause we believed in.

When He calls me home, I want my family and friends to remember the God I served, how the life I lived glorified His name, how despite my sin I grew into the woman He destined me to become, how He used me to grow His purpose and His will in others.

As you prepare to celebrate Good Friday and Easter, I pray you demonstrate what He means to you by choosing to grow in His will, to move in His path, to leave a legacy where people remember your God and what He meant to you.


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