Sprout – Day 28

I like what I do.

Professionally speaking, I’m an administrative assistant. I didn’t go to college for it but I’ve heard tell that you can degree in this field. I did not.

Since I was seventeen, I have worked in an office setting. I’ve worked, permanently and temporarily, for big and small companies. I’ve worked directly for the Head Honcho as well as a supervisor. I’ve worked with people older and younger than me. I’ve learned to like them or simply tolerate them. I’ve learned that office politics suck and playing nice doesn’t always win the prize. I’ve learned that people bend the rules and throw you under the bus for various reasons.

For almost thirteen years, the offices of the companies I’ve been blessed to work for have been my learning grounds. Yes, I’ve gone to college. I graduated a while back with an A.S. in math. I haven’t been able to further my education but sometimes plans change. (There’s a difference between that and “It’s too hard so I quit.”)

See, the way I see it is like this: All that I’ve learned and grown in as an administrative assistant is because of God. Yes, I’ve messed up on the job but I’ve learned to take responsibility for my errors. Yes, I’ve achieved much but I’ve learned to accept those congratulations with humility.

Nothing I do in the office is on my own. Everything I do is because of Him.

Graduation for many will commence (sp?) within the next six weeks. In advance, I congratulate all of you for coming this far and I urge you to continue to push forward and reach for your goals. I pray for discernment in choosing the right career. May His hand guide you into where He needs you to be. May you be receptive of His leading.

I pray that each day brings new challenges for you and that you never grow content with the mediocre or second best. I pray His best in your life that you may understand and experience the richness and fulness of a life lived for Him in everything you do.


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