Maybe – Day 3

“Maybe it’s time to change to reach for something more…”

So goes the opening line for the chorus to “Maybe” by Sick Puppies.

You ever find yourself settling for the right now because it seems logical? Or maybe you settle for right now because the unknown is too scary to step into?

I know I have, more than once in my lifetime, and each time I know I was left feeling like I was missing something, missing out on something. It’s like a gaping hole that doesn’t fill up no matter what I shove into it. It’s what haunts you and kicks your butt and makes you groan and mumble, “I knew I should have done that!”

Here’s the challenge, for you and for me: Reach past that intimidating “maybe” and grab onto the “something more” that lies just beyond it.

Go ahead.

I’ll reach with you.


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