Maybe – Day 4

It was one of those days today.

Hot. Sticky. Stuffy. Gross.

Now, before my hot-weather-lovin’ friends bash me (all in good fun and love, of course) the weather started pleasant and ended disgusting. So, see, I did enjoy today’s warm weather – just not all of it!

I usually resort to extreme crankiness in this kind of weather. I lose my temper, raise my voice, bite heads off, etc., and when the temperature started rising it would have been so, so easy for me to become a walking, talking, living, breathing ill-tempered personification of misery. It was a definite “maybe” earlier today especially since I drove the car with windows that don’t go down.

Don’t go boo-hooing me, lol.

Instead, I decided to drink a ton of water and keep focused on the million and one things I needed to do around the office. So instead of maybe going Frankenstein on people, I stayed my “sweet,” mild-mannered self.

And… Ta-da!

Still not cranky!

(This whole post might sound like mindless, heat induced, insane ramblings but it’s not. The point is this: your attitude is a choice. Your trigger doesn’t have to launch you into that place where people avoid you like you’ve got the plague or something. Instead of teetering on the edge of “maybe” when it comes to your attitude, take a step back, suck in a deep breath, and take another look.)


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