Maybe – Day 6


What did you want to be when you were a child? A fireman? A doctor? A pilot? A teacher? Did you play make believe in order to live out your dream?

When did your maybe become reality? Or when did your maybe change?

It’s inspiring to watch children play make believe, to watch how they live out their idea of their dream profession. Plastic stethoscopes come out to listen to the heartbeats of dolls and teddy bears. Hammers come out to pound blocks into place so the skyscraper can be built. That pilot’s hat comes out with the colorful chairs that are arranged in the shape of a plane. Chalkboards are set up and stuffed toys become students. A red hat appears as little bodies rush to put out a fire.

As children, we dream of becoming great. We reach for the stars and believe we can achieve anything we want.

As teenagers, reality sets in and we’re forced to realize that accomplishing our dreams might be harder than we thought. We either stuck with it or we changed professions.

As adults, we suffer with restlessness, wondering if the career we chose was the right one, wondering if we’re missing something great. Dissatisfaction sets in and we dream of greener pastures.

This isn’t always the case. There are adults who have always dreamed of becoming something and they worked their tails off to make that dream come true.

Do you remember your maybe dream? Have you achieved it? Do you wish you had?


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