Maybe – Day 7

So, my alter ego’s stuck in writing purgatory, otherwise known as writer’s block.

My current project, Edith, is almost complete. Almost.

I revised Chapters 17 and 18, and am one page into Chapter 19. One page. One!

I can’t seem to go anywhere with it. I know how I want it to progress, I know what the ultimate ending of the story’s going to be, but I don’t know how to get there.

Every time I open the file to write, my brain goes blank and I might, might, write a whole page at most. It’s not what I want. I want it done.

But I’m so frustrated I’m thinking of maybe leaving it alone and doing nothing with it. That’s how annoyed I am with it.

Truthfully though, I can’t just leave it alone. It’ll frustrate me to no end that I have a story that’s that close to being done.

*Sigh* So I’ll take back my earlier maybe and say, “I’m going to finish it.”

(Now pray that I do it soon!)


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