Maybe – Day 9

Today’s “maybe” is focused on an actual thought, not a broad generalization.

Today’s “maybe” is my weight.

Alright, before all of you start protesting a post about weight, this post is about my weight. I’ve always struggled with my weight, from childhood to adulthood. Even at my smallest, 130 lbs, it was still an issue. Psh, issue’s too delicate a word. It was a problem.

While I’ve never dieted in my entire life, I’ve always been self-conscious about how I carry my weight. Being pregnant wasn’t an issue. I called that necessary weight because, duh!, I was housing another body! But even then I worried about the weight I would gain by the time I gave birth.

I’m not a small girl. Well, small in height (don’t even start with the short jokes! Yeah, I’m talking to you!) but I’ve never been smaller than a size ten. I’m happy with that fact actually. Not everyone’s born to be skinny, thin or whatever you want to call it. We’re created in different shapes and sizes. My size and shape are uniquely mine and that’s fine.

But I’d love to shed some pounds. I’d like to be around for B, The Kid, and The Future Kid. I’d like to prolong/prevent the hereditary diseases that seem to follow my family around. I want my kids to follow my example, see that extra weight loss is worth it.

So my maybe on losing weight is going to be a yes, I’m going to lose weight. (Anyone got any tips?)


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