Maybe – May 30

Happy Memorial Day!

Today isn’t a maybe. Today is doing.

Today, we honor and remember the men and women who fought and died for our beloved country; the men and women whose presence is still felt today; the men and women who are remembered through pictures and memories by their friends and families.

I have one Uncle, my dad’s brother, who served in Vietnam. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice, mainly due to distance, and I remember both times distinctly. He passed away a few years ago and was buried here in California. Today, I’ll be attending a service at his graveside.

I have other relatives (my dad, other uncles and aunts, and cousins) and friends that have served or are currently serving in one branch of military or another. Today is for them as well.

I’m not married to a military man nor have I ever served. But for those who have and those who do, thank you. That you would sacrifice yourself for my freedom and security is truly humbling.

So, God, I thank You for those that have died to secure this great nation’s freedom. Thank You for those currently serving, for protecting them as they serve away from their homes. Thank You for their families that understand (but may not necessarily like or want) the call of duty. Bring our troops home safely, God. Bring them home into the loving arms of their spouses or significant others, their children.

Help us to remember that the freedoms we enjoy were not easily won and they shouldn’t easily be forgotten. Because every man and woman – who lived, served and died – was not just Your precious creation but was someone’s husband or wife, father or mother, sister or brother, son or daughter.


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