Teach Me

You know the advantage to having a three year old? You learn patience – REAL QUICK!

The Kid’s favorite thing to play (especially in my kitchen) is Teacher. To be clear, I’m the teacher and she’s the student. The session usually starts with her asking, “What am I going to learn today, Teacher?”

Most of the time it’s a review of her name, each letter in her first name, and associating it with something she’s familiar with. She loses interest about halfway through the third time ’round so we move on to numbers.

Some parents make excellent teachers to their young kids. I’m not one of those parents. That’s the honest truth. I’m not saying I’m a horrible teacher-parent person, but teaching’s definitely not my thing. And it’s not to say that I don’t have the patience to teach her because I do. But I’m easily distracted and, um, yeah. A distracted teacher results in what??? LOL Exactly!

I try my best to teach her because deep down I’m a nerd at heart. I value a good education and believe in giving your best when it comes to school and homework. Because I value and believe in these things, I keep trying when it comes to teaching her.

Here’s to giving my best to her, to teaching her as best as I can. Here’s to building a good, solid foundation where she’s not only willing but eager to learn. Here’s to one more day of hearing, “Teach me, Teacher!”

Here’s to cherishing these teacher-student moments that happen in my kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Teach Me

  1. I think that there are a lot of other parents (particularly moms) who struggle with the fact that they may not be “natural -born” teachers. Particularly, when these moms see other moms who are natually born teachers!! I am definitely not one— I relate to dogs better than children! lol But I think if you do the best that you can, then your child will appreciate you for that someday. So yeah, here’s to another day of teaching! πŸ™‚

    • LOL yeah I relate better to young adults and adults than children. It’s hard but you’re right. I do give it my best because she’s worth it, and I hope she does appreciate my efforts because one day she’ll be a mom and going through the same thing with her own kids!

  2. If you think about your own teachers, the ones you loved the most, you’ll remember that what you loved about them was not just their knowledge, but the way they treated you. Your children learn from you all the time – whether you want them to or not – and it’s a great sign that she looks at you as a teacher and looks forward to learning. Here’s to hoping it remains fun for both of you!

    • Hi Patti!

      I’m hoping it remains fun for us, too! She’s smart and picks up quick. I don’t want to discourage that at all. I want her to also value her education, whether she learns at home or at school. Someday, she’ll probably be asking me for advice on how to “teach” her own kids, and I want to be able to draw from experience to help her. πŸ™‚

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