Midnight View

There are times in your life where that midnight hour crashes on you without warning. The darkness that comes with it is thick and suffocating. You choke on the panic that rises in you. You lose touch with reality and paranoia finds a home.

You struggle against the current of erratic thoughts, trying to make sense of fact and fiction. The voices you hear come from hundreds of places, all of them vying for dominance over the others. They beg you to listen. They plead with you to ignore the others. They condemn you for being unable to make a choice.

Those same voice whisper dark secrets about the others, hoping that you’ll doubt enough to turn your back on them. Yet other voices murmur reassurance that they are your friend, that they love you, they seek for you. Your brain becomes crowded with the conflicting statements echoing around you.

Your trust wavers as your doubt gains ground. That doubt pushes aside all that you believed in and burrows deep into the tender soil of your mind. It projects false images, creates false security. Its attempt to lure you into its murky depths is close to succeeding.

You reach out blindly, grasping at darkness, hoping to find a handhold somewhere around you. The noisy chatter, the deafening shouting, all of it confuses you.

Who do you trust? Who do you believe?

You push away the clutter around you, silencing the noise with desperate shouts for help. You cry because you’re scared. You cry because you’re lost.

You cry because you’re alone.

The sudden stillness terrifies you, only because now you’re truly alone.

It’s then you hear it, a voice so soft, so quiet you nearly miss it. It’s no louder than a whispering breeze passing over a field of grass on a summer day. But it touches you, warms you, gives you hope.

You answer it, saying you’re there and you need help. You plead for the voice to stay, beg not to be left alone. You ask for the voice to guide you through the darkness, help make sense of what’s going on. You cry, shedding tears of helplessness when you hear nothing in reply.

But there it is again, that same soft voice. It soothes you, reassures you you’re not alone, that you can trust, that you can believe. It asks you to follow it, that it’ll lead you through the darkness, that it won’t leave you alone.

You take a deep breath. What do you have to lose? One step leads to another and then another. You follow blindly; it’s not like you can see the source of the voice. As you walk along, the voice gets louder, the words more than reassuring that your situation will be okay. Suddenly, a gentle hand takes a hold of yours and pulls you forcefully forward. You struggle for a moment but the voice tells you not to be afraid.

As suddenly as your rapid procession starts, it ends and you look around. Millions of shining points glitter around you, soft light driving away most of the darkness until you can make out your own hands in front of you. You laugh nervously because you realize there’s someone with you. The outline of a man slowly appears beside you and the tender love rolling off of Him wraps you in a blanket of warm comfort.

“I promised that I’d never leave you nor forsake,” He says.

You swallow. He had said that but you’d forgotten in your midnight hour. “I’m sorry,” you whisper. “I forgot.”

“Your midnight hour is a midnight view. It isn’t just darkness that surrounds you, but My love and My presence are there, too. Do you see Me now?”

His voice, His silhouette fade and you look around. In the shining points of light, you see Him. In the dim light, you see Him.

You nod and say, “Yes, I see You now.”

“Then trust that I’m with you. Believe that I haven’t forgotten you. Take My hand and let Me take the lead. Will you let Me?”

The crushing oblivion you’d felt before fades and you feel lighter than you have in ages. The air that fills your lungs is clean and refreshing. Your thoughts are no longer jumbled. You no longer hear hundreds of voices. You only hear the one.

You lick your lips and nod. Holding out your hand, you speak your answer with strength and confidence. You tell Him, “Yes.”

Your midnight hour is no more but you hardly remember it at all as you bask in the midnight view of Him.


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