“Realize” Perspective

I came across a blog while surfing the “Freshly Pressed” today. Actually, I checked it out because the author left a comment on another blog. I’ve read a handful of articles on this new site and they’re “Wow!” articles, for sure!

There are plenty of marriage blogs I follow and it’s amazing to read the different experiences on each one. But a lot of what I read makes sense and I can also relate to. There are moments, sometimes early on in a marriage, where you might feel like you’re the only going through “it” and you feel like no one understands. The truth is, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. The other truth is that there are plenty of people (currently in your life or complete strangers) who do understand your emotions, your thoughts, your heart about your marriage.

See, marriage isn’t a new concept. It was introduced shortly after life on Earth began. But how you respond to your marriage, the effort you put in to it, the time you take to nurture it, all of this strengthens and defines the success of your marriage.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this new site. I hope it offers a perspective you may not have had before.

Things You Realize After You Get Married


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