Iced Tea & Steaks

As the long four-day weekend draws to a close, I can say that I enjoyed it. We spent it with family (literally all weekend!), ate terrific food, had some good times at our house with whomever happened to come by, even had a date night!

The conversations were awesome. We laughed and talked over iced tea, soda, water, juice and alcohol for some. We took pictures, watched TV, napped, and complained about the ungodly heat wave.

Embarrassing moments popped up, but good moments were experienced all the time. (You need those embarrassing moments peppered in when amongst family. Who wants a vanilla family gathering anyway???)

From iced tea and steaks, to chicken and fruit salad. From cookies and cupcakes, to coffee and soda. The weekend was just the right combination of awesome goodness and much needed relaxation.

Happy Independence Day, all! Let the good times continue to roll!


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