A Love Story

Once upon a time there was a girl…

Somewhere in that “once upon a time” there was also a boy…

Their names don’t matter, not for this brief re-telling, and neither does the place. And, yes, “once upon a time” might be vague but it’s not what makes this story sensational. Why, you ask?

Because it’s your love story! 🙂

The beauty of your love story is that it’s your own. Oh, sure you might share the same circumstances/situation/setup as another couple, but your emotions (good, bad and ugly) makes your story truly unique. You meet, you befriend, you fall in love, you ask and answer, you marry, you live your happily ever after.

Your spiral bound story will always be your own, and it will never grow old. Your kids might roll their eyes (your friends might, too, lol) when you reminisce about that first date. You heart might warm when you recall the proposal. Your eyes might pool with happy tears when you remember the wedding day. And your body might shift into overdrive when you remember how his/her touch sent you over the edge into oblivion.

However you respond to your collection of fond memories, I hope you take the time to relive your story, tell and retell your story.

Like this couple.

Your story is worth hearing.


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