Seeing Myself in Claire Foster

We watched Date Night last night. 🙂 It was our own date night, without the fancy schmancy restaurant, the bad cops, guns, and prostitutes.

There’s a point in the movie where Phil and Claire are arguing, I believe in Holdbrooke’s car. And while Claire argues some valid points – she works, comes home, takes care of the kids and Phil – Phil points out that all she has to do is ask. If she asked for help more often, she wouldn’t be so tired at night to have time with him.

In that moment in the movie, I saw myself in Claire.

I have a stubborn streak ten miles wide and I usually push myself to the limit to do exactly what she said she does.

Perhaps it’s the “wife” mentality, that state of mind concocted by some Stepford Wife who wore pearls and heels while cleaning her home. She’s the woman who does it all – cooks, cleans, (maybe) works – with a gleaming white smile and not a hair out of place. The problem with such a high standard, whether imagined or self-imposed, is it’s unattainable.


Our homes are our domain, yes. We like things in place and perfect, sure. We hate it when people whisper about our dirty floors, the lack of clean towels, or the empty fridge. Little things like that annoy the crap out of us and (might) make us feel inadequate or like failures.

But, ahem, see that guy over there? Yeah, the one sitting on the couch? The one you sleep next to every night? Yeah, him.

He is the solution to your overworked, frazzled, hair-pulled out self. All it takes is you asking.

And I’m guilty of not asking.

All. The. Time.

So, yes, I do see myself in the make believe Claire Foster. And, yes, I find it hard to ask for B’s help.

But after watching how she freaked out on the silver screen, I’m prone to think…

I don’t want to be like her.

And I definitely don’t want to see myself in her.

So here’s to learning to asking my lifetime love for help when I need.

And here’s to breaking that ten mile wide stubborn streak.


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