The End

I’ve heard that all good things must come to the end. My pessimistic, sarcastic persona wants to know something though: Is that an invitation to let the “bad times” begin?

Hmm… Who thought up this saying anyway?

Good times become good memories. The moment might end but the memory lives on. Corny, I know, but it’s true. How often do you sit around and reminisce about the good ol’ times? And as the years go by, your treasure chest of good times grows. Each gathering of friends or family is another chance to exchange those pleasant remembrances.

But not to ignore its counterpart, bad times do happen, whether we go looking for them or not. I’d like to believe we don’t but my assumption might be completely inaccurate there. But you know the amazing thing about experiencing a bad time in life?

You remember the ending more than the time itself.


I don’t know the exact reason. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst. I don’t understand the deep workings of the brain.

I just know that most humans I’ve come across don’t dwell on the bad times of their lives but what happened afterwards. And isn’t it ironic that the “afterwards” is usually a good time?

So here’s to celebrating the joyful circle of good times in your life. And here’s also to celebrating the little speed bumps of life that get us to those good times.


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